Made with natural ingredients such as Houttuynia Cordata and Centella Asiatica Extract, this product is great for deep cleansing pores, removes old keratin, refresh and vitalize skin, and improves skin elasticity. The Houttuynia Cordata Extract helps to calm and deep cleanse the skin from large pores and sebum. It calms sensitive skin and effectively protects skin safely. The citrus extracts help to improve the skin tone and gently removes the old keratin. The Effi pulp Avocado Protein improves skin elasticity and vitalizes the skin by giving smooth baby-like skin.

How To Use:

Soak a cotton pad with blackhead cleaner and put it on the desired area for 5-10 min. Apply device/cotton swab gentle yet firm pressure as you glide the device/cotton swab over the area.

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Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner

Non-stimulating Korean BY ECOM Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner products 150 ml that removes stubborn blackheads mildly and softly.

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